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selenium 0.1.3

CRAN release: 2023-11-28

  • The browser, host and port fields can now be used to access the browser, host and port of a SeleniumSession object.
  • All web requests now have a 20 second timeout by default, meaning that if a response is not received within 20 seconds, an error is thrown. This stops requests running indefinitely, and can be customised with the timeout argument to each method.
  • Previously, selenium_server() could error if called too many times with version = "latest". This is because a GitHub request is made to access the latest version, which can cause GitHub’s rate limits to be exceeded. This update takes two steps to stop this from happening:
    • The latest version, when fetched, is cached in the current R session, allowing it to be re-used.
    • gitcreds is used, if available, to authenticate GitHub requests, increasing the rate limit.
  • selenium_server() passes in "|" to stdout and stderr, instead of exposing them as user arguments. This allows the output/error to be read using $read_output() and $read_error().

selenium 0.1.2

CRAN release: 2023-10-28

selenium 0.1.1

  • Added path argument to selenium_server(), allowing the file to be saved in a custom path.
  • Removed \dontrun{} for one example for CRAN resubmission.

selenium 0.1.0

  • Initial CRAN submission.